The future of Trust

B2B trading is a huge market, several times bigger than B2C.  B2B worldwide transactions were 150 trillion in 2019, and 220 trillion in 2022.

The actual paradigm

74% of SMEs believe that actual credit scores do not assess risk accurately.

The paradigm today is to ask you to “rely on external control”. Credit insurance companies and credit score agencies control and evaluate your credit performance using low quality data.

you are not protagonist of the process, reputational rating is controlled by others.

The StonePay paradigm

From Credit Score to Reputation Score

We are on a mission to redesign business trust. StonePay reverses the credit score paradigm from being a matter of external control by credits bureaus into a system powered by the community. Every company can build a profile of their payments activity and earn points to improve their reputation’s rating. Score will be based on payment behaviors confirmed by the community.

There's no central control, no one stands in a privileged position.