StonePay in Action: A Deep Dive with ISO Benessere's G. Lombardi

StonePay in Action: A Deep Dive with ISO Benessere's G. Lombardi

1. Welcome Gianluca. Let's dive right in. Your company has carved out a niche in the wellness and beauty sector. Can you give us a snapshot?

Gianluca Lombardi: Absolutely, Iso Benessere has 40+ years of expertise in creating unparalleled wellness environments. We've set up over 300 spas globally and have a footprint in more than 70 countries.

2. Your clientele mostly consists of beauty centers and hotels. How does late payment affect your business strategy?

Gianluca: Our policy to get payment upfront often backfires. Clients expect deferred payments, and when we yield, we're gambling with our money. Late payments aren't just frustrating; they erode trust and stall growth.

3. How did you cross paths with StonePay?

Gianluca: We're part of Federspa, which has partnered with StonePay. That led us into the beta testing program, and we haven't looked back.

4. You've incorporated StonePay into your negotiations. How's that working out?

Gianluca: It's a win-win. Clients wanting credit must sign up on StonePay. This does two things: it fosters prompt payments and lets us preserve customer relationships without resorting to the awkward 'money talk.'

5. That sounds impactful. Anything you'd like StonePay to add to their services?

Gianluca: Their upcoming feature with Buy Now, Pay Later providers sounds promising. Imagine rewarding your customer for breaking their payment into installments. It's a game-changer!

6. How do you see StonePay impacting the broader business community?

Gianluca: StonePay could become the Trustpilot of financial behavior. Before long, companies might insist on a StonePay report as a stamp of financial trustworthiness. It's not just a tool; it's the future of B2B trust.

7. Final thoughts?

Gianluca: StonePay isn't just a fintech innovation; it's the cornerstone for building a transparent, reliable business ecosystem. We're not just early adopters; we're advocates.

8. Gianluca, your insights have been incredibly valuable. Thanks for being part of this revolution.

Gianluca: The pleasure is all mine.